Dylan Clarke, Personal Trainer at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Dylan Clarke
Personal Trainer

I have been working in the Australian Health and Fitness industry for the past 7 years. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with a Diploma of Fitness and Bachelor of Human Movement and Sports Science.

Fitness to me, means having the confidence and ability to live the best life possible with the one body we get given. As an Aussie I have always loved fitness and sport, and from a young age I was always involved in different sporting activities and teams. Since then, my love for sport and fitness has developed into the passion I now have; helping others thrive with their fitness and ultimately, their overall health. I believe in order for a fitness journey to be successful it must be enjoyed, tailored to the individual and gradually become a way of life.

My training sessions involve using the whole body in resistance based and functional movements to increase strength, mobility and overall body function. This approach along with focusing on nutrition and building a friendship with my clients has been the most effective way for me to genuinely help each individual I have worked with.

Furthermore I have a particular interest in rehabilitating individuals who have shoulder, knee, hip and back issues. Whether you want to get back to your chosen sport or just use rehabilitation to improve your general health, I can assist you on your journey.

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