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Personal Training

Lexi coaching a client on the rowing machine Tope coaching a client with a dumbbell press Dylan coaching a client on the cable machine Alys training a client

It Starts with a Goal

Whatever your goal, we have the right trainer to support you to achieve things you never thought you could.

We have hand-picked the best health and fitness experts in Hampshire who are passionate about making a difference.

You bring the Motivation, we do the rest

Get the most out of your time in the gym by having an expert coach by your side, working with you one-on-one to guide you through a session tailored to your needs and more importantly, in a way that your body will respond best to.

They will consider your unique strengths, weaknesses, and any existing health conditions to ensure that every exercise and technique is suitable for you.

This personalised approach makes the most of your time at the gym, as you won't waste energy on ineffective workouts or risk injury from improper form.

Staying Accountable

Additionally, personal training offers accountability and motivation, ensuring that you stay on track and consistently make progress towards your goals.

They provide ongoing feedback and monitor your progress, adjusting your program as needed to optimise results. This level of guidance and support can significantly enhance your motivation, helping you maintain a consistent fitness routine and achieve milestones you may have once thought were impossible.

Investing in YOU

Investing in personal training means investing in yourself. You'll not only gain access to expert knowledge and guidance, but also build a strong foundation of proper technique, form, and safety awareness.

Our personal trainers will empower you with the knowledge and skills to continue your fitness journey independently, ensuring long-term success and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We can help with..

Weight management.

Strength and muscle building.


Sports specific training.

Managing medical conditions.

Stress and lifestyle management.

Motivation and life coaching.

Health MOT.

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Find Your Trainer

Take the first steps to the new you

Are you getting bored with your fitness routine? Don't know where to start? Unmotivated? Have you progressed beyond the exercises you know and have plateaued in your fitness? A Personal Trainer is what you need to take you to the next level, and continuously challenge your abilities. They are your life coach, nutrition guide, technique guru and encourager all in one, and without them your fitness goals are that much harder to achieve. So what are you waiting for?

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