Emma Dennis, Spin Teacher at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Emma Dennis
Spin Teacher

I have always been a huge advocate of exercise having ridden horses and regularly run and cycled since my early teens but I found my ultimate passion when I attended my first spin class in 2001. After a year of regular participation, the gym I worked for realised the sense in putting me on an instructor's course and I have never looked back!

I am a REPS registered, qualified fitness and spin instructor and I have been teaching classes for over 12 years. For me fitness is about feeling great and having the energy and confidence to take on everything else life throws at you. In my classes I aim to challenge people in a positive way so that they always leave feeling fantastic.

For me I have achieved the ultimate goal if my classes inspire someone to regularly participate in physical exercise. I challenge anyone not to feel amazing after a good blast on a spin bike.

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