Helen Ashcroft, Personal Trainer at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Helen Ashcroft
Personal Trainer

Reliable Experienced Motivated Personable

Fortunate enough to do what I love as my job!


With over 10 years experience in teaching and massage my passion for both is as strong today as it was when I started my fitness journey. Starting off teaching for Les Mills and learning the ropes from the global fitness programmes they provide was a good grounding for what I do today. Being part of a team, working hard, and achieving what you perceived to be unachievable.


Another passion of mine is music - so outside of work I have learnt to DJ! I love to play my current playlist in my classes and feel this creates the atmosphere that's needed to motivate us all. Music can change how you feel, how you think, and more importantly how you train!


I'm very Passionate about helping others to reach their goals and help them find happiness in life with a well balanced lifestyle. I want you to feel good about yourself as when we feel good, we excel in life. For me, fitness isn't just about how far you can run or how much weight you can lift but an overall healthy lifestyle. I love helping others see what their bodies are able to do with just a little hard work.

You'll Find Helen Teaching