Joe Clarkson, Trainee Personal Trainer at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Joe Clarkson
Trainee Personal Trainer

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Therapy, which has given me a deep understanding of the human body and its capabilities. My journey into the world of fitness began with a personal mission to lose weight and improve both my physical shape and mental self-image. This transformation ignited my passion for strength and conditioning, as well as rehabilitation.

I find immense satisfaction in the sense of accomplishment that follows a challenging gym session, knowing that I have earned the outcome. Having played sports all my life, I've developed a strong dedication to fitness, with a particular passion for golf and football.

My attitude towards training is rooted in the belief that you get out what you put in, and I emphasize the importance of accountability, whether it comes from oneself or others. I'm committed to helping my clients progress by fostering strong, supportive relationships. I enjoy building close connections with my clients, allowing me to understand their limits and capabilities better.

Witnessing their transformations, whether through rehabilitation or gym progress, gives me a profound sense of pride and satisfaction. I'm driven by the desire to guide others on their fitness journeys, helping them reach new heights and achieve their goals.

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