Katie Baybut, Trainee Personal Trainer at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Katie Baybut
Trainee Personal Trainer

My name is Katie, I am Personal Trainer ready to empower others on their fitness journey. Sports and fitness have been my lifelong passions, starting from my active involvement in dance and continuing through my studies and bodybuilding journey over the past seven years.

With a solid foundation in bodybuilding and a commitment to lifelong fitness, I understand first hand the dedication and discipline required to achieve personal goals. As a trainer, I am eager to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to help you reach your fitness aspirations.

Whether you're aiming to build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance overall well-being, my approach is tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. I believe in creating a supportive and motivating environment where every client feels empowered to succeed.

Fitness is not just about physical transformation—it's about cultivating a healthier and happier lifestyle. Together, we'll celebrate milestones, overcome challenges, and make lasting changes that extend beyond the gym.

Join me in making fitness a rewarding and integral part of your life. Let's embark on this journey towards a stronger, more confident you!

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