Ollie Williams, Personal Trainer at New Energy Fitness in Winchester, Hampshire

Ollie Williams
Personal Trainer

Passionate Approachable Fun


Initially joined the gym to lose weight, but discovered a true passion for exercise along the way. Now dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.


Outside the gym, cycling is my go-to activity, whether on a road or a dirt track. However, my main passion lies in weightlifting and sharing that enthusiasm with others.


Dedicated to helping others use exercise as a powerful tool to enhance their physical and mental fitness. I firmly believe that what we learn in the gym can positively impact our lives outside of it.

I advocate for resistance training, as it benefits both the mind and body, and I encourage adding regular workouts to one's routine. My coaching philosophy focuses on helping people fall in love with the process, prioritizing exercises they enjoy, which is the key to implementing lasting change.

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