Mobility Fit classes in Winchester, Hampshire

Mobility Fit classes

Focus on improving your core stability and balance with a series of exercise designed to work on mobility and fitness.

What is it?
A class designed to open up and strengthen your body through mobility and flexibility work - no equipment needed!

What can I expect?
A mat-based class where you will be expertly guided through sets of mobility exercises in a circuit-type session, based around the 7 primal movement patterns: squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist, gait. You'll have fun on the way!

What are the benefits of the class?
You'll improve your range of joint and muscle motion and improve your posture while decreasing muscle tension, reducing your risk of injury, boosting your blood circulation and aiding faster recovery between workouts.

How hard will it be?
The class is suitable for all abilities of fitness as the exercises are adapted as necessary. By adapting your pace, you will always achieve more!

Buy Fitness Class Credits

20 credits

£8 per class

12 credits

£8 per class

8 credits

£9 per class

4 credits

£10 per class

1 credit

£12 per class


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