Stretch classes

What is it?
Have you ever wanted to stretch, or feel that you need to be more flexible, but don't know how? Stretch and unwind in this low intensity, gentle class.

What can I expect?
Total Body Stretch is a fun way to gain flexibility. The class is open to all levels of fitness and all age groups. You will be working at a pace that will suit you, using belts, blocks and bolsters to ease you into the stretches. This is a slow-paced session enabling you to enjoy the freedom of the body and working towards new flexibility through stretching muscles and fascia. Tight hamstrings, tight hips, stiff shoulders will particularly benefit from this class as we work our muscles and fascia to a new level of movement!

What are the benefits of the class?
The muscular and fascial systems needs to be flexible to achieve peak performance, and stretching is the most effective way of managing this.Practised regularly you will experience:

  • Increased range of motion and muscular balance.
  • Reduced pain and improved muscular function.
  • Improved performance and reduced risk of injury.
  • Decreased joint impingement and a well stretched and relaxed body.

How hard will it be?
This class is mixed ability, especially great for those with areas of tightness who want to find out more about self-help stretching.

Buy Fitness Class Credits

20 credits

£8 per class

12 credits

£8 per class

8 credits

£9 per class

4 credits

£10 per class

1 credit

£12 per class


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