FIT classes in Winchester, Hampshire

FIT classes

Heart-pumping, calorie-burning, explosive power!

What is it?
Taking place in the gym and led by a Personal Trainer - this fast-paced session incorporates a mix of cardio and weights at YOUR level.

What are the benefits of the class?
Great for calorie-burning and toning your body. Do this class regularly and you will test your limits and guarantee results!

How hard will it be?
You can work at your own level but it will be a challenging session.

Did you know? As a member, you can attend one of these gym-based sessions each week, at no extra cost!

Buy Fitness Class Credits

20 credits

£8 per class

12 credits

£8 per class

8 credits

£9 per class

4 credits

£10 per class

1 credit

£12 per class


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